Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Thirsty Soul - January Meeting

Hey all of you thirsty gals!  Thought we could blog a little as we go through this study and this year.  I would love to hear from all of the ladies in all of the groups.  I hope to post a few notes about the lesson, and then I want ALL of you to blog your comments about the lessons so we can all connect with each other.  I want to know what God is teaching you about worship and becoming a true worshiper of the Most High God.

So, having done the first chapter - are you a lover who serves or a server who loves?  Are you like Martha and have those first and second  commandments out of order?  I find myself battling this ALL of the time.  The pleaser and mother in me wants to get the list checked off each day, and if I'm not careful, I look up and it's 3 pm and I still have not paused to even give the Lord a good morning. 

How about Linda's definition of true worship?

 "Worship is NOT a specific act.  It is a lifestyle.  Worship is a specific act of bowing my life and declaring, "Holy, holy, holy."  Worship is also a lifestyle oif bowing my life and living, "holy, holy, holy." (p.27)

WOW!  How many of us sit and have our little quiet time, and then mentally check Jesus off out list for the day.  Not even realizing that our short tempered response to our child or husband shows we have NOT really worshiped at all.  God desires our obedience;  "To obey is better that sacrifice."  A life of righteousness is a life that gives glory to whom they honor - and that is worship!  DOXA - is the greek word for glory.  What am I "doxaing" when I snap at my husband?  It certainly isn't my Lord.  We were created to give glory and worship to our Father.  What we lost in Genesis 3, we have been seeking ever since - glory.  The problem is we go to glory deficient people and try to receive what they cannot give.  God alone is glorious and worthy to be praised!

So, what have you learned about worship this week?  Blog a comment and may we all hold each other accountable to worship the One we were created to praise - not only through our bowing of our knees through songs and quiet time, but through our bowing of our life, through our actions!


  1. Hey ladies - comment and it will show here on the front page!

  2. I too have been challenged with the first chapter. I also learned that when I am intimate with God, face to face intimacy like Moses, that worship will be natural and very comfortable...all day all I do.

  3. This is going to be a good study...I can tell from the first chapter!

    The first thing I read made me stop and think. It's Psalm 63:1, "O God, you are my God, EARNESTLY I seek you; my soul THIRSTS for you, my body LONGS for you..." Could I claim that same thing? Unfortunately, I can't honestly say I'm there.

    Oh, I'm faithful to study God's word. I'm faithful to serve Him in many ways. I'm faithful in striving to be a good mother and wife....but THIRST for Him? LONG for Him? Sadly, no.

    That's why I'm excited about this study. We'll be discovering a deeper meaning of "worship". That's the part I've been missing. That's where the thirst and longing will be quenched. Praise His name!

    There are several things that stood out to me in this first chapter, and I'd love to hear feedback from others about it:

    1) p. 16-18, searching for "into-me-see" (intimacy). Our study reminded us it REQUIRES work, acceptance and forgiveness.

    2) The author was able to find a soul sister even though they did not have "all those years of history together". That was very encouraging to me. It's what I seek, too. She goes on to say that intimacy is a choice, are we willing to do the work required to achieve it?

    3) Am I a lover who works or a worker who loves? Ouch!

    4) Do I put aside those painful or sinful things behind me and press forward to what lies ahead...toward my "one thing", single focus, Jesus Christ?

    5) p. 24, Do I possess the greatest of all I provoke another to thirst or pant as a deer after Living Water? Is my greatest emphasis on "making Him known" rather than "knowing Him"????

    Ladies, what food for thought! Come along side us as we delve into this enriching study on worship. When you are touched by holiness, you do not go away unchanged. Let's be putty in God's hands, shall we???

  4. Shelia, thank you so much for creating this blog for our "Satisfy My Thirsty Soul" small group study! What a great way for us to encourage each other as we learn how to become true worshippers! This has been a hectic week, but God has filled me up in worship. As a result, I have been able to give to others out of that overflow! Say goodbye to leftovers! When God fills you up, there's always enough! My desire is to grow in Him daily, and at my core be a LOVER who serves. I know God has awesome things in store for us in chapter two. I pray we will all experience a worship awakening!